We are still coming along. This is the first fest we’ve decided to go for a full-on film themed blog, and we’re used to covering individual events with a lot of flair.

So we are starting a new thing. It might look a little rough, and if it does, we apologize.

If you’re so hungry for our brand of film news you want to check out my work as it’s appeared elsewhere, you can do it here:


The ABSOLUTE 7 Best Theaters to See a Movie in DFW



And of course, there is always that weird little patch of time we spent writing experimentally at that little collective known as “The Feast.”


You can also check out this video where I play “pretend professor” on a panel full of Star Wars geeks:

And my social media profiles, where a lot of my actual work is done.

I’ve also got a longer-running blog at Medium @kateelizabethmorgan — which is the work I have generally rested on to get me into events.

We’ll have our rhythm right soon, and what we choose to publish often depends on a whim and our fancy. It’s about what we find amazing.


View at Medium.com


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