Star Power lights up new Texas short FAR FROM THE TREE.


When we think of the “American” filmmaker, a lot of people come to mind. There are the big names of course. Speilberg, Scorcese, Bay, Cameron, and Coppola (x2) — just to name a few.

But there’s something about a distinctly Texan film and something about friends making films together. That’s why Far from Tree is a short worth some of my attention right now, even though it is limited in the middle of DIFF.

It’s not every day a Southern short dealing with such powerful feminist subjects comes up. They’re the kind of material to get the right audiences buzzing.

Check out Cheryl Allison (NO LETTING GO, Broadway star), Angie Bolling (ROBOCOP, TEXASVILLE) and Gabriel Rush (MOONRISE KINGDOM, THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL) as family dynamics and “apples” are explored.

See it at the USA Film Festival:

Sunday, April 30th, 7 pm
Full schedule of events and ticket info will be available in early April at



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