“BloodSpray” the Musical is an essential earwormy punk/horror stylistic short you need to experience right now.

For those not in the know: Film Will Never Be Dead is in the middle of a relocation to the Greater Chicago Area. We don’t plan on saying a permanent goodbye to Dallas by any means — but we are going to be here for awhile. It’s a little strange for us, but we’re happy to be making new connections and starting a new life.

One of the first places we knew we had to go when we got here was Comfort Station: a sweet little spot in the middle of Logan Square that has a reputation for screening programming put together by an amazing team:

Raul Benitez  Lead Film programmer.
Nando Espinosa  Lead Film programmer.
Clare Manning  Assistant Film programmer.
Emily Perez  Assistant Film programmer.

There were many excellent short horror films that screened there on Wednesday evening, as part of “Werewolves, Clowns, Perverts and Cops,” but the crowning gem of all of them was BloodSpray: The Musical. It’s dark. It’s whimsical. It’s catchy — and it was filmed as part of Chicago’s 48 Hour Film Project last year by Daily Grindhouse and Drinks on Monday Productions.

It’s worth a listen/watch. Or three. It’s a lot like a brand of well-marketed potato chips. It’s hard to stop with just one.

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