Don’t miss DIM THE FLUORESCENTS as the Slamdance Cinema Club continues screening at ArcLight Chicago.

DtF High Res Still 04

Work. It’s usually a drag. But, sometimes, if you’re lucky, it’s also an opportunity to create art. Most creative people, at some point in their life or another, make a compromise for the sake of advertising or the corporate agenda. For some of us, it’s a cry for acceptance. For others, it’s about survival.

But how, do we as creatives, transcend these boundaries we find arbitrary? That’s what some of the best corporate training videos and Dim The Fluorescents are really all about.

Share Audrey and Lillian’s journey through the world of the “corporate presentation.”

See Dim The Fluorescents on July 19 at 8 p.m. as it screens at ArcLight Chicago


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