David Cave’s new short, GIRL AND A SCAR, makes some strangely fascinating statements on the female body.

Screenshot 2017-10-11 at 2.35.38 AM

Sometimes life is struggle, and in those times it is great struggle. Sometimes love is also a struggle. Sometimes that love brings new life into the world — but the creative forces behind it can also bear with them a certain sense of destruction.

Girl and a Scar, a gothic surreal short produced by David Cave, chronicles one goth girl’s relationship to life and death in a dialogue-free series of visual sequences that is sometimes horrifying, sometimes beautiful, and sometimes horrifyingly beautiful.

This short, which will soon see its World, International and German Festival Premiere, will screen at Obscura Film Festival in Berlin, Germany on October 29th, 2017. It will have its Maltese premiere at the Malta Horror Film Festival this Halloween.

It’s bound to take audiences by surprise as its visual composition does not tread lightly. There is, however, a strange beauty in which the interconnectedness of life and death are rendered.


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