Cellist Jesús Castro-Balbi joins the Dallas Chamber Symphony in a rousing set of string performances.

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Critically acclaimed cellist Jesús Castro-Balbi will be joining the Dallas Chamber Symphony as a permanent member, taking up a position as principal cellist.

He is known performances and broadcasts in the US, Asia, Europe and throughout Latin America as a soloist with the Dallas and the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestras, the China Philharmonic, the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra (Denmark), the Leipzig MDR radio orchestra, the Mexico City Philharmonic and the National Symphony Orchestra (Peru).

I was granted the pleasure recently of speaking to DCS Director Richard McKay, who was quite excited about the development.

He explained that Castro-Balbi would join the traditional chamber repertoire that included two oboes and two horns.
Nov. 7th’s performance will include what McKay summarized as “a gorgeous mix of works that don’t get heard very often.”
Gershwin’s Lullaby for strings will be performed — bookended by two pieces that were written for quartet. McKay explained that, historically, Gershwin composed at the piano and  composed in full harmonies and melodies as the reason why this selection had a special significance.
Haydn’s cello concerto will also be performed, to showcase Balbi’s entrance to the position of principal cellist. The work was composed early in Haydn’s career (the early 1760’s) but was only rediscovered in 1961 to receive a great popularity that eclipsed other work.

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