Video Association of Dallas’ 18th Annual 24-Hour Video Race Winners Announced

Sept 9, 2019 – The 18th annual 24-Hour Video Race concluded August 23rd, 2019, with teams congregating at the Angelika Film Center—Dallas for their final verdict. To memorialize Joel Rosenzweig, a filmmaker, and educator, Video Association of Dallas added a new award for the student divisions; Joel’s widow, Joan Rosenzweig, determined the Storytelling Award.   

This year, participants were required to include these elements into their short: 

Theme: Empathy
Prop: Any writing instrument
Location: Coffee Shop (interior or exterior)
Line of Dialogue: A line from Shakespeare  
ADDITIONAL ELEMENT: Something Biodegradable 

The elements video was presented on Friday night, August 23rd at 11:50 pm:
And, with a drumroll, here are the teams who crossed the finish line and placed in their categories.  

Joel Rosenzweig’s Storytelling Award Sponsored by the DPA LIV- Lake Highlands Wildcat Studio
Super 8 
(10th grade and under) 1st Place: The Escape -Richardson High School 

2nd Place –The Boys from Parish Episcopal School

Honorable mentions: 

“A Stalker’s Quarrel” by Reel Good Films

 The Dead Ghosts Society

16mm (11th and 12th grades) 1st Place:A Soul in Agony – Booker T Washington HSPVA

2nd Place:

Liv – Lake Highlands Wildcat Studios

 3rd Place: 

House Of Air –  Richardson High School

honorable mention 

“How it Feels”

Animal House Division (College) 1st Place: 

Empathy with an E -Mediatech 

Family 1st Place:
Assume Motion Arts – HUMANS

2nd Place: 
Vic’s First Day @RawLemonChannel 3rd Place: 
Minor Motion Pictures 

Congratulations to all of our winners and a big thank you to our judges:
June Owens
Tonya McMillion
Josh Butler
Suzanne Dooley
Rusty Williams
Laura Neitzel 
Brandon Oldenburg
Presley Oldham
Ginny Martin
Wes Sutton
Susan Kandell 

Video Association of Dallas expresses extreme gratitude for the support of our sponsors and their generous contributions. 

Food Sponsor:

Jersey Mikes on Greenville

Major Sponsors:

Texas Commission on the Arts

Dallas Film Commission

Joel Rosenzweig Storytelling Award Sponsor:

Dallas Producers Association

16 MM Division Sponsor:

KD Conservatory College of Film and Dramatic Arts

Family Divison Sponsor:

TM Television

Media Sponsors: 

Speak Pixels


Selig Polyscope Company

Kelly J Kitchens Media Relations/Entertainment Publicity

Angelika Film Center Dallas 

Graphic Designers:

Pegasus Film Festival


Race Angels:

Ditore Mayo Entertainment

AMS Pictures

Abernethy Media Professionals

Charlie Uniform Tango

Jim Nugent

Patricia Davis

And big thanks to our Projectionist (and former Video Race Winner) Christian Vasques and Adam Conway and the rest of the Angelika Film Center Dallas staff, and John “Doc” Strange of Selig Film News.

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