Four Amazing DFW Short Films You Need to See Whether you Get Out this Weekend or Not.

This weekend is a packed festival weekend when it comes to “the Dallas scene” and its ever growing film community, and its gifted writers, directors and cinematographers are all getting their fair share of attention at local events. Here’s a short list of films that are “must watch.”

Nicholas Muthersbaugh has really brought an auteur sensibility to his work outside of news production. The emotional quality and visual storytelling of this short have already attracted a lot of attention (and two awards). Michael Gibson Jr. production work on this film is equally mentionable.

Service Animal
This amazing Wendy Pennington short features WIFD president Alicia Pascual’s expert direction in photography and very punchy writing transcending disability and the nature of human and animal attachment. It’s screening in Topaz Film Fest’s comedy block.

Daniel Montoya’s film chronicling ovbious reasons for ftm transition, Ethan’s journey as an activist, and the problematic nature of SB6 is screening at Frame4Frame in Arlington this weekend. It should screen far more often.

Yake Smith’s dramatic short Heavenly has some exceptional acting, his unique take on the lens, and drama that drives a narrative to the edge of audience engagement. I expect it to attract a lot of attention at Frame4Frame.

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