The Re-Aninmator has a politic. It is not all a sexual politic.

The Re-Animator is a film that still speaks volumes on the subject of the locus of human spirit, intelligence and the problematic White Supremacist nature of the Classic Western/American medical system 35 years after its release serving as a vehicle of criticism that questions the often predatory nature of exploratory medicine through its very existence.

Producer Brian Yuzna’s recent commentary on the film and the state of sexual politics as part of a Fangoria screening, which brought out a surprisingly youthful audience is still quite pertinent to the work being done by scholars in many fields as the Genomics episteme is considered, in contrast, to the mid-century material turn and the gilded age discovery of the microbe.

Here you can see Yuzna formulating some of his thoughts about where “Re-Animator fits into the “Lovecraft” Canon in this interview before the #NTXFF screening.





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