Flannery is a documentary that details the life of an amazing writer who still resonates with the world.

Flannery previewed at DallasVideoFest Docufest to a riveted audience that appreciated the life and times of one of America’s most interesting writers.

There’s a particular energy that Elizabeth Coffman exudes when speaking on the subject of Flannery O’Connor and her Southern Gothic canon of work that exposed the prejudice of a nation.

Noting that what is often considered “Southern Prejudice” is really, honestly “American Prejudice” and “found all over,” Coffman stated that Southern Gothic is an artform that conveys a message for humanity, as she discovered in her documentary process as we spoke.

There has been no better time for a film that so deeply and accurately details the life of a famed writer through the work she inspired, the people she knew and the stories people told about her.

Look for it traveling the festival circuit this fall before it hits your local Public Access station. It has upcoming stops in Austin, Hot Springs and Austin.


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