Behind the Silence is raising production funds. It’s a film about families who cope with autism.

Crystal Joy has a story to tell about families who cope with a member displaying the symptoms of autism. She’s one of many talented members of IFP Chicago, a group that provides a lot of support and nurturing to filmmakers in its region.

In Crystal Joy’s own words as she explained her research process:

“How does the family foundation change when raising a child with special needs? How does the marriage change? I learned so much in my research process and I wanted to express that creatively through scriptwriting. I had the opportunity of talking with three different people, one by the name of Rob Gorski.

Rob writes on a very popular blog called The Autism Dad, formerly known as Lost and Tired. He gave an excellent and open insight on his life and how his marriage changed. What I learned through speaking with these parents is that every family is different-they may all have the same feelings and emotions about their child but how they handle the circumstances varies. No family is the same.”

She’s raising money on Indiegogo to support the rest of her production needs which include equipment rental and crew amenities.  If you’re as hopeful to see her production get started as I am, donate here.