Time for Ilhan: A Well-Made Biopic that Chronicles the rise to fame of a Boundary Breaking Somali Congresswoman.

I as a voter, as an “American,” as someone who favors Western Values, am utterly and totally confused by Ilhan Omar as a politician.

I’m not confused by how she wins a constituency. She resonates with her district’s values, a Somali refugee diaspora, women of color, and those tired of politics with a male-preferent rationale. I get this, and I understand why this group is strongly-interested in changing the scale and conversation in American politics.

I’m not confused as to how she wins the hearts of people. As her adorable daughter pontificates that she is “President” of the house, because she takes care of her children, it’s not hard to agree. Good mothers make good community leaders. It’s a good value to instill in a politician–or a human being, taking care of others.

Ilhan is very human, which is something her detractors don’t generally grant her enough credit for and it’s absolutely time they stopped.

She’s quite the opposite of some kind of hijabed monster, out to kill family values, and there’s really not much reason to think she is one, despite her detractors.

She’s got a wonderful family and she takes good care of it despite having lived through a lot of turmoil.

She’s got a strong community, even though it comes together after being fractured. She’s the picture of inspiration. That’s why — in some respects the rest of her platform is so confusing.

The thing I don’t understand about Ilhan, is that she is vehement support of anything meant to bring down Israel’s economy without explicitly fighting for an economy in Gaza that isn’t run by the more militant members of Hamas, because of Israel’s actions to defend itself.

If Hamas would run Gaza and all it could claim as Al Shabaab would run Somalia, wouldn’t you at least be fighting for a more liberal PNA and a less militarized Israel — and perhaps a Gaza that gets stronger and more liberated on accepting pacifist, feminist values and free trade on a world scale?

Palestinians, and Muslims in general have got an international and national stage like they’ve never had before, and I’m glad of it. I often wish it wasn’t as easily dismissible by the Right as, “All they want is Israel’s death, instead of its cooperation in increasing autonomy and peaceable action.”

Everyone’s eerily silent about the recent ruling in Detroit to make FGM possible in U.S. jurisdictions. Not just the Muslim politicians you’d expect to take offense, because they’ve experienced the brunt of the problem.

Why be a U.S. refugee if it’s not going to be markedly different for the little girl’s hair you’re braiding at all?

I want you here. I like that you have organized power. I just wish it spoke more to the issues you don’t want your daughter to face in raising her here than enabling cultures of militancy that even Egypt wants to subdue.

The doc is emotional and riveting, and it’s obvious to see why it’s an award winner. I just can’t get over the politics, the politics that want to destroy a singular country instead of terror factions — instead of governments destroying democracy all over the Middle East and world.